EC is: Elimination Communication

Fussy baby? Try the potty! Yes, that's right! Your baby may be trying to tell you that he needs to pee or poop, and wants to stay clean. Instead of ignoring these signals and effectively "diaper training" your baby, why not take advantage of his instinct to eliminate elsewhere? Take your baby to a potty (or sink or bowl or bush or …?)!

Avoiding diaper training requires a different mindset than you may be used to. Believe that you and your baby can communicate about elimination needs, just as you do about other important needs. As a new parent (even if this isn't your first child), you're already looking for signs of hunger and sleepiness - needing to pee or poop is another possible reason your baby is squirmy or vocal.

When you see that look on her face, you notice a kick of her legs or you simply *know* your baby needs to go, talk to her about it as you gently and calmly remove her diaper. You can offer her a "pottytunity" by holding her over the used diaper or into a potty receptacle.

It sounds strange (or crazy!) in our culture, but it is possible and this is a wonderful way to be more present and focused in our babies lives. If you, too, feel it is so crucial to BE THERE in every way we possibly can, here's one more way to be there for your baby. An hour or two a day of tuning in can have an enormous impact on your relationship with your baby, and can also pay off down the road because your baby will know what it's like to pee and poop outside their diaper.

To get started, visit DiaperFreeBaby to read articles online and find an EC support group near you.

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